The day 100 weekend has been a little eventful and something of a backward step. Last week my platelets were low and I started to bleed. This led to a couple of days back in hospital until I could get some platelets and the bleeding stopped. Then this weekend my GVH (graft vs. host disease) flared up again – i.e. diarrhea. It seems my steroids had been reduced too far. A quick increase in steroids fixed the GVH. All this added up to further weight loss, which was disappointing. But, I also completed the 100 day tests. They included a bone marrow biopsy, blood test, lung test, bone density test and visit to the dentist. They took 14 vials of blood out of me in the blood test! Early indications from the bone marrow biopsy are all positive, praise God. So after an eventful week it’s been hard to see where the progress is. It isn’t in weight gain, it’s no longer in getting the steroids down, but the progress that matters is in my bone marrow. The stem cells need to multiply and mature and that takes time. Apparently cord transplants like I had are the slowest to mature, so I’ll be here well past day 100. So we continue to take each day as it comes, trusting God with the big picture, knowing that all his plans are good. Please continue to pray for some weight gain and good sleep.