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Day 115 -All Clear

The full results of the bone marrow biopsy are now in and there is no detectable Leukemia in the sample. This means that the transplant, as far as we can detect, has been a success. My new immune system is fighting the Leukemia and winning. This is great news. In other news, after resetting my steroids back to a higher level, they’re very slowly being lowered again. So far, so good. I’ve discovered melatonin and am having the best sleep now that I’ve had while taking steroids. It’s not perfect, but it’s more than I was getting, praise God. I still need the occasional transfusion (red blood cells or platelets), but they’re talking about getting me to go home to Sale one weekend. I’m looking forward to that. Thank God for the good results and for sleep and please pray for growing strength and bone marrow.


Day 84 – Sleepers

I’ve managed to be getting more sleep lately, but with the help of a lot of sleeping tablets. This leaves me groggy in the morning and I have to be careful of my balance and footing. The bonus is, though, I’m getting some sleep. My steroids have been reduced gradually by half over the last fortnight, but I’m yet to see any change, since the dosage is still quite high. It’s been great to have Dad back in the unit and I finally feel like I’m getting used to living here. We had great news from the last bone marrow biopsy. There was no detectable Leukemia in the biopsy, even with the most sensitive tests. This means my new immune system is fighting the Leukemia in my body and God-willing will do so for the rest of my life. Praise God for that! One concern is, though, I’m eating as much as I can pretty much possibly eat, but I’m still losing weight. Please pray that that situation reverses and I start putting on weight.

sleep-deprived1It’s been at least four nights now since I got something even vaguely like reasonable sleep, so I’m feeling very tired and can hardly see out of my eyes. I asked Simone to come and stay for a while for moral and practical support and her mother was very gracious in letting that happen. We’ve also been very blessed by the Bone Marrow Donor Institute granting us an apartment for free in BMDI house, which makes it easy for Simone and shortly for my parents as well to stay locally. It’s also where I will go in a few weeks time when my stem cells engraft and I have an immune system again, although a shaky one at that stage.

I won’t lie, it’s hard. Perhaps this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m certainly not sailing through it and it’s taking all your prayers and all God’s strength to stay on track. Sleep deprivation is probably the worst of it and a sense that I’m caught in a goundhog day that’s slowly getting worse. I’m told there’s another week or two before that trend changes. Please pray that God will give me what I need to keep going, and I’ll use the energy and opportunities that I do have to serve others.

Reflections on Luke 9:10-17 read the passage

Wedged in Luke 9 between a reportĀ of Herod and a discussion of who the crowds say Jesus is, this passage speaks to the kind king Jesus is. Even though the crowd are uninvited they are taught, healed and fed. Jesus cares for his subjects and he can really provide. Ultimately we’ll see Jesus’ greatest provision for his subjects on the cross, where he fulfills the teaching of the kingdom and provides his very life that we might live.

Where do you see yourself in relation to Jesus? Are you one of the crowd, or just hearing reports from a distance. Do you come to Jesus with your lunch packed – self-sufficient before him, needing nothing and therefore offering little. Or are you hungry and he feeds your soul. We have a king who meets our every need, how could we not give him our everything?