Shocked when I first heard the word, but the high steroid use has meant I now need insulin 4 times a day to control blood sugar levels. When I discharge I will probably still be on steroids and will need some kind of insulin, whether needles or tablets. In good time hopefully I can come off the steroids and God-willing off the insulin. There is a chance I may be a diabetic for life. Please pray this isn’t the case. As with all news it hits hard at first but then you get used to it. It seems for now an inconvenience that the nurses handle and I’ll take it day by day after that. My diarrhea is reducing and so they are slowly reducing the steroids. It’s slow going, but I am managing to get out of the hospital for an hour or two each day to go to the unit, which has been nice. I was reminded this morning from John’s Gospel that through the Spirit the Father and Son come and make their home in us. That’s a profound, marvelous and comforting truth. The Trinity who pre-exist time, space, and matter, are living in me, undeserving, weak, flawed sinner┬áthat I am. What an amazing love that God would do that!