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Quote from Dans blog June 2, 2016 after reading Mark 14:12-31

Hope is not found in our inner strength, ability to endure, faithfulness in the face of adversity, or even our faith. Hope is found in Jesus alone. His conquering of death means that we have new life, the new kingdom. It is Jesus who grants us faith, endurance, patience, forbearance, strength, etc. They are all things that we cultivate, but ultimately their source is Jesus. As we look at this final dark night before Jesus’ death, we look at the one who brings us hope through his sacrificial death for us. As dark nights come our way we don’t look inwardly for strength, but to Jesus, who is our strength, refuge and hope.

For myself and some of you perhaps details of Dans last days may help for final closure. Dan quite suddenly pasted away on Wednesday 4th of January 2017. He was is full remission from Luekaemia. The Stem Cell transplant had been a success, however he still suffered some graft verses host affecting his gut, weight loss, muscle wasting and steroid induced diabetes.

On Christmas day he awoke with a fever and was then on in hospital. He got day leave and was able to spend an enjoyable Christmas day in the unit with our immediate family and his parents Suzanne and Lawrie.

His fever continued for a week and saw New Years Eve in hospital. The hospital did investigations and were unsure what was causing the fever. Finally (what seemed like forever) an ultrasound showed spots on his liver. But to confirm they needed to do a liver biopsy. On Sunday morning 2nd January they did this. But by that evening the biopsy site wound  would not stop bleeding.

From the liver biopsy some DNA samples were sent to Sydney after 3 days it was confirmed a liver virus called adenovirus (apparently we all catch as a child the common flu but it lays dormant and the immunosuppressants caused it to flare up).

Sunday night Dan went into ICU and after difficulty breathing was put on a ventilator and kept sedated heavily and not conscious again. So for 3 days he fought in ICU for his life. He had complicated bleeding which they couldn’t really find the source and his blood just wouldn’t clot which caused more complications. He was given mega bags like over 30 bags a day of blood to keep his blood pressure up and the most expensive $7000 blood clotting drug x3-4 but even this wouldn’t work, his body started shutting down kidneys not functioning and a blood clot in his leg too dangerous to operate was causing his leg to starve and die.

They finally got the antidote for the viral infection (bit too late) which was cytotoxic and needed his kidneys functioning to clear its harmful biproducts. Too much went wrong for Dan to get through the infection on top of his bleeding problems and kidneys malfunctioning. They tried a dialysis machine a few times but it wasn’t working as it dropped Dans blood pressure too low.

Josh Allen was able to read the bible and pray with Dan whilst he was in ICU and Christian friends prayed and ministered to our family. The kids all got to see and talk to Dan for the 3 days he was in ICU. Dans Mum and Dad were living across the road from the hospital and got to see him. Rebekah Dans sister was there for most of the days Dan was in ICU. In the final hours we were able to play Christian music, read the bible to and on Dans final passing able to read Psalm 23 The Lord is My Shepherd as he went to be with his Heavenly Father.

Written by Simone Godde