My apologies for how long it’s been since my last post. Things have been steadily improving since then. I went home for the weekend and slotted back into my old roles and responsibilities reasonably well. Though I was physically limited it didn’t seem too hard to be helpful around the house, especially with looking after the kids. Every now and again I accidentally found one of those physical limitations, though. We were playing cricket in the back yard and I was trying to take it relatively easy. One of the kids threw the ball to me but it went wide and I instinctively stepped to the side to catch it, but my leg muscles were not strong enough to support my weight and I went down like a sack of spuds. No injuries, but very embarrassing and a reminder that rehab is a long and slow process.

I got caught outside the unit block in Melbourne the other day with a roller door coming down and threatening to lock me out, so instinctively I tried to run. I forgot however that I can’t run and so fell over immediately. Needless to say I didn’t make it back in time and had to buzz my way back into the building. Thankfully there weren’t too many witnesses. On the other hand I feel myself getting stronger in some of the small things. It’s easier to stand up now from a sitting position. I can walk faster and further than I could before. My blood counts have stabilised above the levels where I need transfusions. These are all good signs and represent progress. The doctors tell me I’ll go home in late January or early February, but I’ve given up putting much stock in doctor forecasts, as none of them have turned out to be accurate so far. Instead I’ll keep visiting home and wait patiently for the day when the doctor sends me home permanently, whatever day that may be.

It’s amazing how far God has taken me on this cancer journey, and he’s been with me all the way. I wonder if you had to walk a similar path who would you rely on? If you don’t know Jesus let me encourage you to take another look. You might start with a website like this one: Or you might start just by picking up a Bible and beginning with one of the biographies of Jesus, like the Gospel of Mark. It’s a short read (about an hour) and will give you all the important details of Jesus life as well as the central message of his teaching.