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Day 90 -Just around the corner

Day 100 is just around the corner. I’m not sure exactly what that will mean. I certainly won’t be going home back to Sale in my current state. That’s many days away. I do know it means another bone marrow biopsy and a day of tests. Not much else has changed since my last post. The steroids continue to be reduced. One piece of good news is that I put on some weight: almost 1kg. Praise God! Thank you for those who have been praying. Please continue to pray that I continue to gain weight and strength and good sleep is always high up on my prayer list.


Day 84 – Sleepers

I’ve managed to be getting more sleep lately, but with the help of a lot of sleeping tablets. This leaves me groggy in the morning and I have to be careful of my balance and footing. The bonus is, though, I’m getting some sleep. My steroids have been reduced gradually by half over the last fortnight, but I’m yet to see any change, since the dosage is still quite high. It’s been great to have Dad back in the unit and I finally feel like I’m getting used to living here. We had great news from the last bone marrow biopsy. There was no detectable Leukemia in the biopsy, even with the most sensitive tests. This means my new immune system is fighting the Leukemia in my body and God-willing will do so for the rest of my life. Praise God for that! One concern is, though, I’m eating as much as I can pretty much possibly eat, but I’m still losing weight. Please pray that that situation reverses and I start putting on weight.

Day 76 – Wired all the time

I’m enjoying being in the unit. Mum is doing a great job of looking after me and it’s great to be out of hospital. I’m still on quite a high dose of steroids which means I have a lot of trouble sleeping and constantly feel wired. The doctor said I’m trying to do too much exercise, and to consider this time more like a holiday, so I’m trying to relax more and somehow chill while at the same time feeling constantly wired. It’s a weird mix. Every second day we go across to Peter Mac hospital to see the doctor. It feels like a stressful day but in reality it’s not that hard. It does require a lot of waiting, though. Please pray that together with the doctors we’ll work out how to get better sleep.

Day 70 – And I’m out!

last-dayIn fact I got out yesterday. This is a picture of me with Mel the nurse, who was the last nurse rostered on to look after me. All the nurses at RMH have been terrific along with the doctors and I can’t thank them enough and thank God for them and their loving and expert care.

I’m now living out of a unit supplied by, which is again another incredibly generous provision for which I praise God for people’s generosity toward cancer. It’s a time of adjustment now, after a mammoth 78 straight days in hospital, just getting my head around a new environment. I’m now an outpatient of Peter Mac hospital and have to go in three times a week for appointments. Today was the first day and everything seemed to go well. Lot’s of waiting but everyone’s very helpful. Thank you for all your prayers and support and please continue to pray for me to transition well to living in the unit and the long process of recovery. If you could particularly pray for good sleep, that would be a real blessing.